Crude field information

PetroTech Intel tracks crude field information on a regular basis. Crude cargo data is compiled monthly to detect significant quality shifts in existing grades.

The publication of a monthly newsletter has been established to increase awareness of new feedstock opportunities. The purpose of this newsletter is to highlight:

  • Crude oil quality changes in existing fields
  • New field discoveries
  • Effect on quality when new fields are commingled with existing fields
Based on individual crude cargo liftings, the PTI Intelligence Report includes a graphical representation of the crudes where significant variations in API quality have occurred. This information will highlight crude changes and assist in triggering the need for reassay. Take a look at our API Gravity Trends.
Monthly newsletters are available on a subscription basis. Please contact us for additional information on rates.

Click to view a sample of the Jun 2006, PTI Intelligence Report.

Viewing PTI Intelligence Reports requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of the program, click on the Adobe logo to the right.
Archival copies of the PTI Intelligence Report are available on an annual volume basis beginning with 2000. Each annual volume combines the table of contents and crude field highlights for the entire year. Contact us for purchasing information.

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