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Customized Crude Assay -- Select Required Assay Properties/Components

Click the appropriate checkboxes to select the crude properties of interest for your custom assay. Then click on the "Summarize Assay Specifications" button below. This will bring up an Assay Design Results / Summary Page.

 Quality  Description (For Selected Service)
  Distillation Complete Distillation (D2892 & D5236), includes weight and volume yield curves and API Gravity distribution; distillate (IBP - 1050F) and residua (650+ to 1050+F)
Mercaptan Sulfur
Basic Nitrogen
  Asphaltenes Residua distribution (650+ to 1050F+)
  Pentane Insolubles Residua distribution (650+ to 1050F+)
  Refractive Index @ XXC Distillate distribution (250 - 1050F). RI temperature to be specified by the requestor (67C is default)
  Aniline Pt. Distillate distribution (250 - 1050F)
  Smoke Pt. Distillate distribution (300 - 600F)
Pour Pt.
  Cloud Pt. Distillate distribution (350 - 750F)
  Freeze Pt. Distillate distribution (300 - 700F)
Neut Number
  GC Analysis GC analysis and summary (IBP - 212F) as well as Whole Crude Light Ends breakdown
  GC Analysis with PNAs GC analysis and summary (IBP - 212F), PN distribution (IBP-450F) A distribution (IBP-570) as well as Whole Crude Light Ends breakdown
  SALT Whole Crude measurement
  RVP Whole Crude measurement
  H2S Whole Crude measurement
  Hard Copy Report Three Hardcopy Assay Reports with Tables and Graphs (includes Adobe PDF file)
  Assay Workup Complete Assay workup, finished results available for Haverly Systems (.CRU file). Other output options available, please call (973) 644-2280 or e-mail PetroTech Intel.